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Snow Cone Catering Service

snow cone machine pic.jfif

Sno or Snow cone catering is a great treat to beat the heat in the summer.

                   Snow Cone Catering

Description:  We  provide the  sno-cone machine  and attendant(s)  to serve your guests delicious ice cold sno-cones. We have a wide variety of flavors to choose from but the most popular choices are cherry, grape, blue raspberry, and orange.

Services for our specialty catering start at  $95 per hour. 

We can service approximately  50 Cones per hour.    

Hers's what's included in your service... 


  • A professional server

  • None stop Snow Cone service the duration of your paid service time (approx.. cones 50 per hour)

  • When your event is over we pack up and clean up with no mess for you to worry about.

  • Delivery, set up, cleanup and removal.

  • Call or email us for more information and pricing based on your exact special event needs.

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